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Lombok Craft Tour

Lombok Craft Tour

An experience tour where you are able to learn closely how Sasaknes earning their money, how they work from marking blacksmith, pearl, hand weaving, pottery, basket from Bamboo and Rattan.

Duration : 8 hours
Price is USD 85 per person (minimum 4 people)

Images of Lombok Craft Tour


Labuapi Woodcarfing Village;
There are lots of woodcraft centres in Lombok, but it’s apparent that Labuapi village has the biggest productivity. The village itself has approximately 42 units of industry centre and accommodate 350 workers with product capacity of 24.900 pieces annually.  There are various items produced here. Wood-masks, seashell decorated boxes, indigenous Lombok statues, wood-plates, and the many kinds of wall decoration of wood etc. The interestsants may include the visit to this village in half-day or full-day sightseeing.

Sekarbela Village;
It is the centre of silver and goldsmith of Lombok. Nowadays, as this island is getting more popular with its pearl productions, hence the village is better known as the pearl centre.  People can easily buy pearl jewelry in silver or gold bounding; plenty of jewelry -shops line the main roadsides of this village. It is located at some two kilometres from Mataram to the South.

Getap Village;
Getap Traditional Blacksmith Village is located at one Kilometer to the South of Cakranegara. Manual Labors such as pounding and hammering, blowing coal-fire with traditional air pump, heavy-sweats and the noise of bang-bang, are apart of daily routines to be found in this village. Some said that the people who become the blacksmiths of this area has been rewarded this particular job by the former Balinese King of Lombok. This talent then was inherited to the following generations.

Sukarara traditional hand weaving village;
Weaving village of Sukarara whose employs the skills handed down for a hundred years ago, still manually made. Every visitor gets the opportunity of trying  weaving gedogan using simple looms using the local costumes with your partner.

Beleke Village;
This village is situated in central Lombok,is featuring craftsmanship of a high standard. The rattan handicraft of Beleka Village offers quality and artistic design. Woodcarvings are also available in Beleke Village. The interests and may have a wander through this villages in a full-day handicrafts tour.

Kota Raja (Loyok) Village;
The rural area situated on the eastern part of Lombok, where inhabitants make handicrafts plaited bamboo for daily use. Baskets, wallets and bags are available here. It is the best known location in Lombok to witness traditional Sasak stick fighting and the village has a long tradition of producing forged blacksmith tools.

Masbagik pottery village;
This place is where the pottery  made traditionally by hand made with unique in style and high in quality,  still exists currently and it has been recognized by international world for the enormous elaborately decorated pots

A car with driver with airconditioned
A guide who will explain you every point you see and anything you want to know about Lombok
Parking fees

What to wear :
What To Bring : Handy Cam – Camera – sun glasses – sun block – mosquito repellent (cream)
Best time to start this tour is 9 am, after you have your breakfast at your lovely hotel / villa.