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Lombok Travel Tips

Lombok Travel Tips

Customs Regulations
You must have at least 6 (six) months validity of passport to enter Indonesia.
Visa On Arrival (VOA) can be obtain at the International Airports in major cities of Indonesia.

It is important to always bring mosquito repellent whereever you go just to avoid being biten by them since the area you visit is a tropical area where there will be mosquito that you will find.  Also you cant forget the sunblock to cover your skin from the burn.

Ramadhan – Fasting Month
Most tourist facilities in Lombok (Gili Islands & Senggigi) remain open during Ramadhan. Local Restaurants might close in residential area in Mataram or Cakranegara to respect the majority of Moesleem Fasting. Tourist are suggested to eat and drinks in hotel’s or resort’s area not in the public area.

Food and Beverages
Peel the fruit before eating; avoid raw vegetables except at reputable restaurants. Ice in restaurants is safe. Drink always from bottled water and eat well done cooking food, unless when eating at recommended restaurants/cafes or hotel’s outlet.

Shopping on the street / beach
The seller by the beach or on the street or beach vendors are often pushing too hard on selling. Please try to avoid to answer or look at their goods even they might be interesting to you, sometimes when you dont buy, it will become too much hassle and very inconvenient for guests.
Never promise to any seller with “i will buy later” , this will make them waiting for you and ask you deliver your promise. It will be very much irritating in my experience.

It is recommended to book airlines in advance
Due to the limited number of flights to Lombok, it is highly recommended that you book your airlines ticket far in advance. Always re-confirm your ticket at least 24 hours before the flight times as sometimes it got cancelled without any notification.

Car Rental or Motorbike Rental
In Lombok, the price of car rental is slightly expensive than Bali, it is because Lombok is small island and everything has to be imported from either Java or Bali.
Rent a car from a liscence company with full insurance in case anything happened, it will be stress free.
Sometimes to rent a car with driver for a day is becoming cheaper rather than you rent a car without driver which we always recommend our clients to do so, it is much more convenient to have car and driver, will give you more time to enjoy the island without getting lost or has to deal with naughty bike rider on the road.

It is normal to bargain anything you would like to buy in the local market and most people are welcome with this.

Swimming & Snorkeling
Beware of stonefish  and Jellyfish during your swimming and snorkelling. Use sunblock to keep away from the burn as the weather can be very hot in the afternoon.
Do not leave any of your valuable belongings unattended on the beach while you are swimming or snorkeling. Be better to leave it at the hotel safe.

Avoiding hassles on your way to Gili.

Many people by the harbor offering service to lift your luggage. This people might charge you a very high price so be better to tell them that you dont need their service, otherwise a regular porter cost is about Rp. 5,000 – 10,000/bag.
On your way back from the island many kids brings water to wash your foot. At first you may feel convenient, however at the end they will ask for some money. Give them some school needs i.e: pens, or writing book or it’s better not to let them do anything to you.
Carry small changes to pay public buses or taxi if you need to be picked up under your own arrangement. If you have to go by private car, try to fix the price first rather than argue at the end of the journey.

Happy travelling!!