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Lombok Waterfall Tour

Lombok Waterfall Tour

This tour covers the whole of Lombok on northern part and presents you the experiences over the nature, culture and mankind civilization on this region through centuries

Duration 8 hours
Price is USD 75 per person (minimum of 4 people)

Images of  Waterfall Tour

Lendang Bajur
A small traditional sasak market where you can find all the daily needs of local people, from food (a lot of local vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, fish, fruit) as well as clothing. This market is the oldest one in Mataram – Lombok, and has been there for over 15 years.

Pusuk Monkey Forest
This is a tropical reserve rain forest in Lombok. It has a fantastic ocean view and there is friendly monkeys playing on the roadside, it’s defienity worth a stop and feeding them. There are two species of monkey can be mainly found in West Nusa Tenggara, Macaca fasicularis and Tracypithecus auratus. Macaca fasicularis is a dominant species.
Pusuk Park presents an exceptional natural beauty such as the green mountains dotted with thick foliage, steep cliffs and the beauty North Lombok Sea, we can see directly from Pusuk Park Pas.It is more or less reached a height of 1000 m from the surface sea water, the beauties of Landscape will provide the atmosphere that become more meaningful for your travel in lombok island.

Sendang Gile Water Fall;
Located 600 meters above sea level on the foot of Rinjani Mountain. cool and quiet hill, gives you a comfortable rest. 300 meters down is the biggest waterfall in Lombok, irrigates the environment with it’s crystal clear water coming from the nature. For the energetic you may follow up stream of the river to the first waterfall, the attraction is more fascinating. lunch stop at the area local restaurant .
For the more adventurous, the “second waterfall” Tiu Kelep, is another hour’s walk upriver from Sendang Gila. The scramble over rocks through the tropical forest is rewarded by the beauty of the waterfall and a swim in its deep pool. It is said locally that every time you swim behind the main waterfall of Tiu Kelep you become a year younger! With access from the main road, the “third waterfall” Betara Lenjang is a true rainforest adventure strictly for rock climbers with local guide and equipment.

Senaru Traditional Village;
Where mountain tribe’s life and civilization of past century still exist as a part of the nature. Having developed into something of a tourist spot, visitors to the village can explore this mountain village without trepidation. The Senaru still live an animist life in tune with nature that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

Bayan Old Mosque;
one of the inestimable historical heritages of Islam in Lombok which is belief to be built upon Islam arrival on 16th century.
This old Moslem Mosque which is protected and preserved as part of the cultural heritage of Sasak people,

On the return journey, you also may stop at Malimbu beach for an attractive beach view which offers great views of the three offshore islands, and the last we back to your hotel / villa for rest, free at leisure.

A car with driver with air conditioned
A guide who will explain you every point you see and anything you want to know about Lombok
Donation fees for all temples
Parking fees

What to wear :
What To Bring : Handy Cam – Camera – sun glasses – sun block – mosquito repellent (cream) – Peanut or Banana for the monkey, swim suit – towel. Flat shoes / sandal is good considering the staircases road to the waterfall.
Best time to start this tour is 9am, after you have your breakfast at your lovely hotel / villa.