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Mount Raung Eruption, July 2015

Posted by admin on July 11, 2015
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Mount Raung eruption causing most flights to / from Bali has been cancelled in the last 3 days for safety reason. Mt. Raung with its high on 3,332 m from the sea level, is one of the most active Volcano in Java which is located on the border of 4 districts  of Banyuwangi, Jember, Bondowoso and Situbondo- East Java, its about 150 km from Bali. Raung means Roar in English. In the history, the eruption may takes several days to weeks. The alert has been given late last month by the authority and the explosion was happening since 4th of July and continuing until today which causing ash still looms over Bali.

On July 10th, there were more than 250 flights are cancelled from / to Bali, causing many tourists have to extend their holiday unexpectedly.

Many people are trying to find accommodation for their extension, we helped our customer for their accommodation, especially the long holiday season is coming for Bali, where the people from Jakarta, Surabaya will be coming to Bali to spend this long holiday in the year.

We provided alternative options to go back to their countries, to do overland trip to Surabaya and fly from this International airport. The trip will be tiring one, it takes about 18 hours in the minibus / bus.

Hopefully this situation will be ended soon.