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Silence Day in Bali, 21st March 2015

Posted by admin on March 14, 2015
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Soon, Bali will have its silence day, once a year.

Hindus will conduct a series of events to welcome this sacred holiday.
Melis or Melasti will be held a day prior to Nyepi. Walking towards the sea to perform purification which then followed by praying in the temple . It occurs in all areas of Bali .

The Ogoh Ogoh parade with its various size, the giant ones – mid size and the tiny ones which usually brought by the young man surrounding the village on foot, can be seen the Nyepi Eve. During this parade, most road will be blocked and its almost impossible to pass the road, heavy traffic is every where, so if you would like to have your groceries, DVD collections for Nyepi (silence day), be better to get it in the morning.

Staying in Bali during Silence day will give you different holiday experience!

Happy Silence Day for All Balinese Friends and family!