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Restaurants and Places To Eat in Lombok

Here are the list of Lombok Restaurants

List of Restaurants To Eat in Lombok  , In Senggigi, Gili or in the Mataram City. There are plenty Lombok Restourants with its specialty. For you who loves to eat spicy food, go to local warung or cafe, you will get different experience with Lombok spicy food.

Restaurants in Senggigi

Quali Restaurant; Beachfront View Restourant, located in Qunci Villas Lombok
Phone: +62370 693800
Fax: +62370 693802

Asmara Restaurant; Famous of International, German, Indonesian and Lombok dishes.
Phone: +62370 693619

Cafe Alberto; Italian Restaurant, Normally it has free shuttle around Senggigi – Mangsit area.
Phone: +62370 693039 / +620370 693313

De Quake; Restaurant on The Beach, Perfect for Sunset
Phone: +62370 693694

Lotus Bayview Restaurant; Italian and Local Specialties
Ph: +62 (0) 370 693 758
Fax: +62 (0) 370 693 375

Square Restaurant; International Dining – the Premier one in Lombok
Phone: +62370 6644888
Fax: +62370 623975

Warung Botol; Local Restaurant with friendly staff, offering variety of food
Phone: +62 370 693177

Cafe Lombi; Home Made Bread and Bakery
Phone: +62370 692085 / +62 818365790

Papaya Cafe; Centrally Located with live Entertainment
Phone: +62 370 693616

Papa Besar Cafe; Airconditioned Restaurant in the main street of Senggigi
Phone: +62 370 692070

The Office; Bar and Restaurant
Phone: +62 370 693162

Bumbu Cafe; Local Owner, Great Food located in the main street Senggigi
Phone: +62 81805237126

English Tea Room;  A civilised air-con retreat, this delightful place, located in a shopping plaza, offers a wide choice of salads and sandwiches as well as terrific cakes.
Phone +62370 692085

Sugar Cafe; This chic little lounge bar-restaurant is highly atmospheric, with candlelit tables and creative, beautifully presented Indonesian and Asian fusion cuisine
Phone +62370 6194000

The Ballroom Restaurants in Senggigi.. Cuisines: Seafood, Asian, Continental, Grill, Indonesian

Rumah Makan Padang; local atmosphere and authentically fiery Padang food, including a tasty, filling rendang (beef coconut curry)
Phone +62370 693026

Restaurants in Gili Island

The Terminal; Located at The Jetty, Great Beachfront Restaurant
Phone: +62370 638513

Scallywags Bar & Grill, Serving Tapas, one of the best one in the island
Phone: +62370 645301

Arnel Restaurant & Rumah Makan ;Local Restaurant Located in Bangsal Harbor
Phone: +62 370 630 486 / +62 818 0370 5656

Trawangan Dive, Offering Mexican Food
Phone +62 370 649 220

Biba, Italian-owned and the delicious, filling pizzas and pasta are gloriously authentic
Phone + 62 819 1727 4648

Tami Neverland in Gili Air ;This place serves hearty Western and Indo grub at fair prices

Wiwin Cafe in Gili Air ;Good place to enjoy local food : grilled fish with yellow sauce, seafood fried-rice, gado gado or cha kangkung (water spinach) are all excellent

Munchies ;Serve barbecued seafood, overflowing sandwiches and Sasak curries

Gusung Indah ;Great for  local food such as opor ayam (braised chicken in coconut milk), sandwiches or pasta

Warung Indonesia; Serving Local Food, in Gili Trawangan

Yaya Warung; Located by the beach  serving Indonesian faves, curries, pancakes and plenty of pasta

Alibaba; Beachside Restaurant, serving Indonesian and Western fare in a tranquil setting right by the waves

Pizzeria Regina in Gili Trawangan  … cuisines: Barbecue, pizza and Pasta

The Roast House in Gili Trawangan

Thai Garden Gili Trawangan .. Cuisines Thai food

Restaurants in the City

Pisa Kafe; It is Pizza Place
Phone: +62 370 633 141

Lombok Coffee House; Perfect for Coffee lovers!
Phone: +62 818 365 790

The Berugaq Coffee House; Coffee House with Home Made Snack
Phone: +62370 6162667

Redwood Cafe; Another Coffee Lover cafe
Phone: +62 370 6886581 / +62 370 628446

Seafood Alfa; A bright, clean welcoming place; offering variety of dishes such as like gurami asam manis (freshwater fish with sweet sauce) or the rice and noodles dishes
Phone +62370 660 0088

Dua M; Authentic Sasak food, including terrific ayam goreng taliwang (Sumbawa-style spicy chicken)
Phone +62 370 622914

Rumah Makan Dirgahayu; Huge, popular Makassar place with long menu that takes in veggie choices like fried spinach and tofu, or delicious karper goreng (fried crap)
Phone +62370 637559

Denny Bersaudara; Specialty Sasak Cuisine
Phone +62 370 633619

Mie Ayam Jakarta; Chicken Noodle Dishes
Phone +62370 623 965

Kristal; Chinese Food
Phone +62 370 627564

Restaurants in Kuta Lombok

El Bazar Cafe and Restaurants.Cuisines: Moroccan, Mediterranean, Spanish , Vegetarian

Nugget’s Corner in Kuta

Warung Drifters … Cuisines: Fast Food, Hamburgers, Fusion, Australian

Bucu Restaurants and Bar... Cuisines Seafood, International, Grill

Gulas Garden in Kuta… Cuisines International and Asian

Nanas Restaurant .. Cuisine Indonesian food

Kuta Bay CafeCuisines: International, Asian, Grill, Indonesian

The Chilli Kuta  …. Cuisines:Seafood, Vegetarian, Grill, Indonesian